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Before venturing into the bakery business, one must have thoughtfully planned the structure and how to meet the taste of the final consumers. Having the right equipment and machines put in place will cost you, but believe me, it’s worth the price and will make production much easier and convenient. It is also very important to hire an expert to help you plan your factory properly to meet the final consumer standard and also meet the NAFDAC requirement standard.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the equipment you need to acquire to set up a bakery. Mind you, the size of your factory determines the kind of equipment you would purchase. Small scale factory may not need to buy all the equipment that may be listed below.


  1. BAKING OVEN: This is a must-have, no doubt acquiring the industrial baking oven makes your work easier, it will cost a lot of money, but it’s worth the purchase. Professional bakers go for the industrial baking oven because better results are achievable with it notwithstanding the cost of purchasing it. Acquiring a genuine industrial machine is very important also, this is where you would have to employ the services of an expert to save you from buying substandard machines in the bid to buy an industrial machine.

  2. MIXER: Mixers are used to mix flour and other ingredients together to make pastry for baking.

  3. BREAD SLICER: This is very useful if you intend to produce slice bread.

  4. BAKING PANS: Some baking ovens come with baking pans, but most time they may not be suitable for your kind of production so you have to buy or design the kind you want for your production.

  5. BRANDED WRAPPER: To have your own signature in the industry, you need to have your bread well packaged with your brand name.

  6. GENERATOR: Doing business in some parts of Nigeria is a major challenge when it comes to power. Setting up your bakery in Nigeria means you need to have a standby Generator so power does not slow down your production.

  7. SUPPLY VEHICLE: You need your products to be everywhere in every store and retail centre, you need to have a supply truck or bus, etc.

  8. NAFDAC APPROVAL: People need healthy stuff, make sure to get approved by NAFDAC, and make sure your products are safe for consumption.

These are invariably all you need to set up a bakery factory in Nigeria. If this has been very helpful, please share, if you have questions or other suggestions, please feel to drop them in the comments section below.

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